Farm Day Thank You Card Notes from Primary Students.

Please note: Mispelled words as we left all quotes from cards as they were written by the students.


"Dear Farmer - I like it when you bring and talk to us about the hunebees.  The hunebess is our state insect.  I like hune." Ader


"Dear Farmers - I love you and your bee's.  They are cool and so are you.  I would love to come over and see your house." Olivia


"Dear Farmers - I like the bees you breg. It was so much fun I can't wait intl next yer. Think you." Aubrey


"Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jarrett - Thank you for sharing your career with us.  We enjoyed it very much!  The bees were very cool!" Luis, Hannah, Kristin, Angel, Antonio, and Maggie.


"Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jarrett - Thank you for coming to tell us about your bees and job.  It was really cool and interesting."  Nick, Emily, Lewis, Joel, Kristin, Angel.


"Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jarrett - Thank you for coming to Career Day.  We enjoyed your career. Hope you don't get stung too much. Thank you."  Riley, Josh, Nick, Luis, Kristin.


"Thank you for coming to Farm Day!" Mrs. Dalton's Class


"Dear Mr & Mrs. Jarrett - I really like your career. It was awesome learning about bee keeping. I thought that the boy bees would be harder workers though.  It was fun geting to see the bees & bee cage.  Geting to see the worker bee up close was awesome!  It was cool getting to see what bees make their hives out of too. Thank you!" Makela


"Thank you so much for taking part in Career Day.  The students enjoyed hearing from you & learning about bees. Take care." Mrs. Hagan & Mrs. Whitlock & BCPS, BCES, BCMS


"Dear Kristie & Slade - I don't know how to thank you enough for coming to our Farm Day and talking to All our students & sharing your "Business" with us!  Everyone loved hearing about the bees, honey, and wax. It was wonderful to have some "education" thrown into our Farm Day! Thank you for your time, patience, and kindness!  We are all very grateful!  I look forward to supporting your trade!  Ya'll make great honey! Thanks again!" Mrs. Whitlock & BCPS


Speaking, Presentation, and Swarm Removal Appreciation Card Notes


"Slade & Kristie - I really enjoyed meeting you both at the Chamber dinner.  I went onto your website and was very impressed. Best Wishes." Stacy


"Dear Kristie - The gift basket you gave me was phenomenal. I love all the items, especially the soap and hand creme.  They make my skin feel heavenly.  Connie and I both enjoyed meeting you. I wish we could have visited a bit more, but I understand what a busy life you lead.  The basket was a very generous gift and very special because it was home made.  Thank you so much!" Carolynn


"Dear Slade - Wow! We are still amazed by the awesome educational tour of your bee hives you conducted for us. We really appreciated you taking your time to do this.  It was a highlight of our visit to Georgia.  All the honeys are delicious.  We are enjoying them, especially the Sourwood.  How gracious of you to share this rare product so freely.  Carolynn especially appreciates the beeswax.  We know it is a precious commodity and she is grateful for your generousity.  Thank you for a fun and informative afternoon.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable time for us." Connie & Carolynn.


"Dear Mr. Slade - Many thanks for presenting a SUPER program to our group last nite in Statesboro.  A really interesting subject.  We hope y'all can come back and visit us sometime." Paul & Ogeechee Area Beekeepers


"Dear Slade & Kristie - Thank you for visiting & being our guest speaker at the Lake Country Beekeepers Assoc. June Meeting.  Your experience, insights, and enthusiasm inspired us to be better beekeepers.  Many Thanks!" Mary & Lake Hartwell Beekeepers


"Thank you for speaking at the Kiwanis Club.  I am very afraid of bees but this brought a different respect for the bees. Thanks again!" - Commerce Kiwanis Club


"Slade & Kristie - Thank you so much for coming to our rescue again! Thanks so much!" Wayne & Judy - Lavonia, GA


"Thanks to Slade Jarrett and Jarrett Apiaries for coming today and removing the honeybees that nested on the play structure in our backyard. I am really happy that the bees found a new home and will be busy making that delicious honey at Jarrett Apiaries. It was amazing to watch Slade work with those bees. — Thanks Kristie & Slade Jarrett of Jarrett Apiaries." Mellisa Dalton - Carnesville, GA


"Kristie & Slade - Thank you so much for coming to pick up our bees.  Wayne and I have tried to rescue as many swarms as we can since my Dad was a beekeeper.  We were so pleased with the products you brought us.  Honestly my allergies have cleared up since you brought us the honey.  Thank you again!" Wayne & Judy - Lavonia, GA


"Hi Kristie & Slade - Thanks for coming to the meeting the other night.  I enjoyed talking to you Kristie and everyone enjoyed your presentation Slade." Cheryl C. - Lavonia, GA


Jarrett Apiaries - We were very appreciative of your donations to the Banks County Cattlemen's Showman's Supper which is used to support the youth livestock in Banks County.  Thanks to your efforts it was a big success! We want to thank you again for all of your donations!!  Your generosity will help fund the efforts of the Banks County Agricultural students' activities which are so important for ensuring the source of our food. - Cattlemen's Association - Banks Co., GA


Mr. Slade - Thank you for speaking at our Lake Country Beekeepers Meeting.  We appreciate the support you offer big and small beekeepers.  Thank you for visiting Sparta too! Sincerely, Lake Country Beekeepers.


"Thank You" to both of you for coming to our May Meeting.  The club really enjoyed Slade's talk. You can always tell by all questions asked and interest talked about after the meeting among the group. It was a great evening. Also, Lena was so surpised and shocked at the generous gift of the club members as well as Slade's generous donation.  Thank you both, again.


Honey Compliments from Customers


"Watching Little Bear with Bella& Noah. Papa was smoking a beehive to get some honey.. made me think of y'all Kristie Jarrett!!! Yummy honey." - Baldwin, GA


"Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jarrett - Just a note to thank you for the delicious honey.  It is some of the best I've had.  Most sincere thanks." Anelia


"Great Honey!" - Arcadia, Florida


"This is great Sourwood honey. It tastes amazing! A+A+A+" - Beverly Hills, CA


"Forget "Georgia's Best 2013". I would say #1 honey of all time. Amazing!!! I have tasted alot of great honey over the past year, at least 40 different ones, and a few of them were exceptional.  Yours is the best though!!" - Knoxville, TN


"Great honey!" - Lula, GA


"Awesome honey from awesome people!" - GA


"Almost time for us to get some again; it is soooo good!" - Atlanta, GA


"We need more young people to get involved in the bees."- KY


"You two have worked hard to have a quality product!" - MD


"By Far the Best Honey around....." - Cornelia, GA


"Such a hard working family!" - Homer, GA


"Great Honey!! - NC


Very Nice Honey!! - Baltimore, MD


"That is some kind of GOOD honey!" - Toccoa, GA


"The Best Honey around """ yummy"""!" - Alto, GA


"I sure am enjoying my honey!" - SC


"Best Honey I ever ate!" - Baldwin, GA


"Your honey is wonderful! !! - Oakwood, GA


"Exactly as described to me.  Very Nice! Interesting flavor." - Ohio


"Your honey is delicious!!!" - Braselton, GA


"Yummy honey!!" - Homer, GA


"The honey gets an A-plus from me! It is delicious! I had 2 Cracker Barrel corn muffins so warmed them up with a little butter and lots of honey. That was awesome!! - Baldwin, GA


"Slade Jarrett of Jarrett Apiaries in Baldwin makes the bee hives and he was so generous with his time to answer our questions." - Gillsville, GA


"Kristie - thanks for the honey it is very good we are having biscuits and honey for breakfast, so very good" - Baldwin, GA


Thanks again Kristie! I photocopied the article in the magazine & put it with the "Lily of The Valley Gift Crates".  Our friends went NUTS!!


Nuc & Package Testimonies from Customers


"Can't wait to pick up my nucs!!!" - Gainesville, GA


"So excited to pick up my nucs from you." - Woodstock, GA


"I hope you and your family are doing well and your bees also. I am thinking next spring to get another hive from you. Our bees are doing great!" - Statham, GA


"My bees are doing fine and I harvested one box of honey from them.  They had another box and a half but I left it on them for winter. Thanks so much for them." - Clayton, GA


"Quality Nucs packed with bees!" - Lula, GA


"I bought bees back in March, the bees have done great and I wanted to say thank you!! The bees are very healthy!!" - Cleveland, GA


"My bees are doing so great I want to purchase at least two more nucs from you next year. - Hull, GA


"I enjoyed talking with you on the phone the other day and appreciate the help and advice of the Nuc purchase." - Springs, GA


"Those two nucs I got from you are doing great!" - Murphy, NC



"Hi folks. We picked up bees from you Saturday and got them home without any trouble. I put them in the hive this afternoon. The bees are great! Thanks. If you happen to have another Nuc that somebody don't pick up let me know. Thanks again!!" - Richey, FL


"The bees quickly settled into their routine and all seems to be running smoothly.  The bees were so calm and hardly put up a fuss when brushing them off the frame.  I didn’t even have to use smoke, which is a good thing as I’ve still to conquer creating cool white smoke." - - Suwanee, GA


 "I purchased two nucs from you back in May and Both actually have been doing quite well and the colonies have both grown well and seem very strong!" - Greensboro, GA


"Hello Slade and Kristie, I met you folks at the GA Beekeepers State meeting in Columbus back in the spring.  I was so glad to see the April article about your business in American Beekeeping.  It was great seeing GA Beekeepers in the spotlight. 


"All of the nucs are nearly identical! Great looking queen! Great job Slade and Kristie!" - Watkinsville, GA


"Hope you and your family are doing well and had a great year.  I am wanting to get another hive next spring.  Our bees are doing great!  I already put a 2nd box on and they are building up honey!!" Thanks again! - Clermont, GA


"I wanted to let you know the bees are doing great! - Norcross, GA


"Wow! My Nucs are building up fast!" - Westiminister, SC


"I wanted to let you know the Nuc I got from you is doing great and building up fast!" - Toccoa, GA


"I am enjoying the two Nucs I got from you!" -  Lakemont, GA


"The four Nucs I got are amazing.  All are packed out and almost identical! Thanks again." - Mansfield, GA


"The Nucs I got from you are strong and the bees just seem to mind their own business paying me no attention." - Jasper, GA


"Kristie, I received the email confirmation for the 4 pkgs. of bees.  Thank you so much for your help today.  I look forward to meeting you later this month." - Atl, GA


"Kristie, I'm so proud of my package bees installed only 25 days ago!" - Toccoa, GA


"Slade and Kristie - Again, I want to thank you for your help in getting my package of bees to me last Saturday. You went far beyond what was expected and it has really made such a difference in my recovery. You are my Good Samaritans." - Atl, GA


"Jarrett Apiaries - Thanks for the pep talk & encouragement on Saturday at the bee pickup! We checked both hives yesterday - the queens were free and everyone was hard at work."

"The six Nucs are very strong. The bees are calm, and gentle." - Dacula, GA


"The Nuc I got from you last year did very well in my area and I am looking forward to purchasing more nucs next spring. Keep it up." -  OH


"Can't wait to get more bees from you next year." - Homer, GA


"The bees I got last year are so mild and easy to work with they don't mind me at all." - Warm Springs, GA


"One of the best Nucs I have ever purchased!" - Lawrenceville, GA


"Looking forward to getting more bees next spring." - Maysville, GA


" Very strong Nucs! Let me know if you happen to have an extra one as I would like to purchase another one." - Senoia, GA


"Healthy, Strong, and Gentle Bees." Thanks! - Atlanta, GA


"My Nuc I got last Spring is so packed full of bees that I split the hive and now I have two hives." Keep up the great work!" - LaGrange, GA


"I installed the bees without any problems. I didn't have to use any smoke. Very docile bees."

- Cumming, GA


"I wasn't expecting to get any honey but the bees exploded! I added a super and the bees filled it up within a week. Great Nuc." - NC


"I purchased Nucs from you last spring. This year I have already added 2 supers to them.  I can't wait to harvest the honey!" - Sautee, GA


"I want to say thanks for talking to several of us on the Nuc pickup day about what to do for the bees -Fall, and Winter, Mites, Bettles, etc.( I call it a mini educational session). We had no problem installing the bees. Thanks again for everything!" - Braselton, GA


"I wanted to let you know my bees I got from you last year overwintered and are very strong this spring. I appreciate the great quality nuc." - Clarkesville, GA


"The bees I got last year did great where I live." - KY


"Quality Bees from Quality Folks! Keep it up!" - Mt. Airy, GA


"Everything went smoothly with bees." - Jefferson, GA


"The bees I bought last spring has done very well and looking forward to getting more bees from you." - Commerce, GA


"Thanks for such an easy pickup in and out in 10 minutes or less! I seen you gave a mini talk to the interested ones willing to wait around for the "in a hurry customers" to be loaded and on their way. You two are very organized! The bees are going crazy and building up very fast." - Nicholson, GA


Jarrett Apiaries - "Our bees came from Jarrett. Great folks - they go out of their way to help their fellow beekeepers. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! The Nucs transfer to the hive bodies was so easy.  Again, I appreciate the time you took talking with me.  Looking forward to seeing you next time." - Atl, GA