Jarrett Bees is located in beautiful Northeast Georgia. We are Slade and Kristie Jarrett. We are family owned and operated.  We have been married for 27 years, and have 2 wonderful children.  Shaley 25, has graduated from nursing school. She's an RN at a local hospital and in her free time she sells her baked goods. Braxton 19, is in college with Ag as a major. During off season Slade and Brax enjoy RC Racing, and Bass Fishing while Shaley and I enjoy shopping, and spa days.  As a family we love trips to Dollywood and where ever RC racing takes us. 


Kristie and I got into bees through gardening. We began gardening and had an abundance of veggies with nothing to do with them. We started going to local farmers markets to sell our overage throughout the summer months.


We were talking one evening when we asked each other, "What's next for us? A horse, goat, cows, and bees?"  Slade replied, "NO! NO, Bees!!" Needless to say, the following week at the farmers market another farmer sparked Slade's interest into honey bees.  After getting home Slade looked at me saying,"Kristie honey, we are going to get some bees."  Two months later we purchased our first bee hives and Jarrett Apiaries was born! We love all aspects of being beekeepers. Years later, we have several bee yeards and continue to grow.


Our son, Braxton, became so intrigued he bought two hives on his own with money he had worked hard for and saved. Braxton already has his own hives which he works, catches his own swarms, extracts, bottles, and sells his own honey. Along with working his own hives, Braxton is our first paid employee. Braxton has always said since he was youger that he was going to be a full time beekeeper with a Lamborghini(we shall see). For now, Braxton's auto is a 86 Ford Ranger which he asked for over an year ago. This truck has alot of sentimental value as it was Slade's ride during his young driving days. The "Danger Ranger" has over 250,000miles on the original motor. Brax is enjoying this gift from his grandmother and learning how to drive a straight shift.  


Slade builds the Hive Body, Bottom Boards, Supers, Inner Covers, and Telescoping Covers. Kristie builds and puts the frames together.


Our mission is to produce 100% unprocessed, unheated, unfiltered, and lightly strained Local Raw Honey. We extract the honey ourselves so our customers can enjoy all the benefits of our natural, pure, raw honey produced by the bees.


When available we offer the following honey varieties: 

Comb in Wildflower & Sourwood, Wildflower, and Sourwood


We both are Certified Beekeepers through University of Georgia Young Harris Beekeeping Institute

Members of:

- The National Honey Board

- American Beekeeping Federation

- Past Members Georgia Beekeeper's Association

          -Slade Past North District Director for 2013 - Fall 2015

- Past Members Northeast Ga. Mountain Beekeepers Club

          -Slade Past President for 2015

-Slade Past Vice President for 2013 & 2014

-Kristie Past Secretary for 2015

- Past Members of Banks County Chamber of Commerce where

         -Slade is on the Board of Directors

- Tri-County Beekeepers 

          -Kristie Past Secretary for 2014 - Fall 2015

- Georgia Grown

- Certified as "Bee Friendly". 


We are a Licensed Apiary through the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Florida Department of Agriculture, and North Carolina Department of Agriculture.  Our bees are certified and inspected yearly through the Georgia Department of Agriculture and our bees come with Health Certificates. We are Permitted to Sell Bees in North Carolina through North Carolina Department of Agriculture.


We have been in several media publications:

- 2013 Southern Distinction Magazine / Fall Edition "Sweet & Then Some" The Business of Honey in Georgia by April James

- 2013 Banks County News / Wed. October 30, 2013

- 2013 Banks County News / Wed. November 20, 2013

- 2013 The Gainesville Times / Fri. November 22, 2013

- 2013 The Gainesville Times / Wed. December 4, 2013


- 2014 Banks County News / Wed. March 19, 2014

- 2014 Banks County News / Wed. March 26, 2014

- 2014 American Bee Journal / April 2014 "A Georgia Couple Share A Beekeeping Dream" by Mary and Bill Weaver


-2015 GPB TV Georgia Outdoors with Sharon Collins Segment on Bees/ Fri. June 12th, 2015

-2015 Growing a Greener World with Joe Lamp'l Episode 601:Beginning Backyard Beekeeper July 5th, 2015



In 2013 we were awarded Best Tasting Honey in the State of Georgia and

Agribusiness of the Year for Banks County.


In 2014 we were honored by our State Senator, John Wilkinson, in which a resolution was presented to us on the Senate floor at the State Capital for our agricultural efforts in Banks County and our award winning honey.















Slade teaching Braxton how to inspect a hive
picture of feeding the bees in one of the beeyards
picture of a strong hive
picture of our premium sourwood honey
Kristie holding a frame of sourwood honey
picture of sourwood honey
picture of Slade and Kristie in the Shop

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